Nishan Sahib


The Nishan Sahib is a Sikh holy flag made of cotton or silk cloth and is triangular in shape. The colour of the Nishan Sahib is saffron. Guru Hargobind Singh hoisted it for the first time at Akal Takhat Sahib in the year 1609.

The Nishan Sahib is placed outside every Sikh Gurdwara and is supported by a pole of timber or metal. You may notice the Sikh symbol, the Khanda on it. It is placed high up as a sign for all Sikhs and indeed any other people that they can come and pray in this building.

Great respect is shown to the Nishan Sahib by washing it using milk and water every year in April at the festival of Vaisakhi, at which time the Nishan Sahib cloth is also changed.

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