Dec 18

December 2013 Feed the Homeless Event

The next “Feed the homeless” event will be at Lifeshare Limited in Manchester.

We shall meet on Friday 27th December 2013 at 6.30pm at Gurdwara in the evening to prepare all the ration for cooking / serving.

We shall meet again on Saturday 28th December at 9am at Gurdwara to cook all the food and then we shall form a “delegation” from those present to attend the homeless shelter after that (same afternoon)

Please do Ardas (pray) that we can always carry on this fantastic sewa (selfless service) of feeding the homeless and carry on forward Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s great philosophy forever.

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday / Saturday or both, to make this event a success and feed the homeless/needy with hot food when they need it most at this time of the year.