Five Virtues And Five Evils

5 Virtues

These are the five qualities / virtues and are essential to a Sikh:
  • Sat – Being truthful – Acting justly towards others. With honesty, integrity and treating all as equals.
  • Santokh  – Contentment – Be happy with what god has given you. It is gods will for you.
  • Daya  – Compassion – feel another persons pain. The concept is to do whatever in ones mean to helps others in pain or tragedy.
  • Nimrata – Humility – To be humble and modest at all times and without ego.
  • Pyar – Love – Love for god and all his creations. Forgive and forget for all grievances. Bear no grudges.

5 Evils

These are the five evils to Sikhs which must be resisted:

  • Krodh – Rage – This covers loss of temper, anger, violence etc. One must control that and live within the world with humility.
  • Lobh  – Greed – This covers a strong desire for material items and also wanting of what belongs to others. One can become blind with greed.
  • Moh – Attachment – If one has attachment only for material things, then he cannot progress to master his life. He is too wrapped up in that.
  • Ahankar – Ego –This gives an individual to feel he is superior and all others below him inferior. This leads to jealousy etc. It is all about I, me and mine. Taking credit where its not due. Etc.
  • Kam – Lust – Deep desire, uncontrolled longing,

This is why we have a duty to recite gurbani /meditate (simran) and also a duty to do selfless service (sewa) so that all these virtues become part of our mind at all times to help us all attain the goal of mastering our life.

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  1. Sikhs are some of the nicest people i have ever met. Thank you for helping the community with your amazing way of life and kindness to humanity.

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